Friday, June 18, 2010

The New Lauren's Hope Medical ID Bracelet Blog

We have recently moved the official Lauren's Hope Medical ID Bracelet blog to

We hope you'll come over, grab a cup of tea and stay awhile!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New! Custom Engraved Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Summer time is approaching and we know that means more time spent outdoors.  Bike rides, picnics, soccer games and evening walks will soon become a weekly treat and we have just the thing to those activities picture perfect.

Custom Engraved Steel Water Bottles!!

These bottles are eco-friendly and make a great gift for anyone whose life is touched by diabetes.  Lauren's Hope Medical ID is a PROUD sponsor of the JDRF and we know these bottles will be perfect for your Walk for Cure activities this summer.

You can find these custom engraved water bottles and more on our site here:

Friday, April 2, 2010

Lauren's Hope is being featured on the The Doctors TV show!

Everyone here at Lauren's Hope is thrilled that this afternoon our bracelets are being featured on the popular medical TV show, The Doctors. The show airs TODAY at 2 pm CST on NBC.  Check your listings for viewing times.

The show will be discussing healthy recipes, life style changes and the importance of wearing a medical ID.  Please share this exciting news with your friends and call us at 1-800-360-8680 with any questions.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Introducing our diabetes educator friend, Tish

When we asked for your stories on how a Lauren's Hope medical ID bracelet has impacted your life we were blown away by the amazing response.  If you haven't met our recent contest winner, Grace, you can learn more about her story here.  There were so many wonderful entries, but Tish, a registered Diabetes Educator, really captured our hearts. 

Here is her story.

I really just want to share briefly how Lauren’s Hope bracelets have helped me and other persons with diabetes. I have lived with diabetes for about 32 years now, and have seen many technological changes. Most of these changes have been from big and cumbersome to much smaller and easier to use. Glucose monitors are a good example. I remember as a child not wearing any ID because they didn’t have such a thing and back then they were not so nice looking when they did appear on the market.

I am a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator and I have noticed throughout the years that when I speak to groups of persons with diabetes, I am amazed at how many diabetics do not wear medical identification. My story lies with the group of kids that I work with who have Type 1 diabetes. When I show the young girls my medical id that contains the “mood” stones and they place their little hands upon it and watch it change colors they are fascinated and always desire to wear a bracelet just like mine. Their parents are also delighted. They don’t even know it is a medical ID.

When I teach our group Type 2 class and I am flailing my arms through the air (which I do when I talk) and then ask several hours later, did any of you notice my medical ID. Most of them say they thought it was just a bracelet and then I get to tell my stories. Both women and men are delighted that the medical ID’s are not big and ugly and always choose to pick up a flyer and I hope purchase an ID. They now understand that the EMT’s will look at arms, legs and neck and perhaps save their life.

So, that is my story. I love the fact that you have provided “cool” looking medical ID’s and I get to share them with the young and old alike.


Tish Wright

Thank you to everyone who entered our story contest!  We have added a link to our website where you can enter your story, along with a picture.  Go to then scroll down to the bottom and click "Tell us your story"

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So, who is Lauren?

We are often asked who Lauren is and love telling the story of how Lauren's Hope got its name.  Looking back on how it all began it's really a bit serendipitous.  You see, Denise and LeAnn were busy making mother's bracelets on the craft show circuit and Denise's neighborhood babysitter requested a pretty bracelet be made for her.  The babysitter's name was Lauren and she has Diabetes.  She was less than enthusastic about wearing something ugly and uncomfortable and requested something pretty.  Denise and LeAnn pulled out their most beautiful beads, spent many sleepness nights working on styles and emerged from their studio just a few days later with the first interchangable medical ID bracelet.  Lauren was thrilled with her bracelet and Denise and LeAnn were so encouraged by the rave reviews Lauren's doctors and friends were giving their new creation they never put those beads away.  Since the early days of 2001 Denise and LeAnn have created thousands of medical bracelets for girls, boys, men and women. 

We are lucky enough to keep up with Lauren through facebook and recently asked her to share some of what's going on in her life now and how Lauren's Hope has impacted her life.
My name is Lauren Philips, and like many others, I didn't like wearing my medical ID bracelet.  Denise and LeAnn were so kind to make me a fashionable ID bracelet that I would be comfortable wearing everyday.  I was given my first bracelet when I was 13 years old.  I am now 22 years old and still love the bracelets Denise and LeAnn designed for me! They have always been so functional and cute for everyday life.  I have been so fortunate to have both Denise and LeAnn in my life.  Recently, I moved out east to New York City to pursue a dream of mine.  I first fell in love with NYC when I traveled there with Denise and LeAnn to present the Lauren Hope Bracelets on the Ananda Lewis Show.  I always said I would live there at some point in my life.  This past December I moved out to NYC to become a nanny and finish my degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education.  Having these amazing bracelets has allowed me to travel, go away to college, and even move 2 thousand miles away!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our Winner is...Grace!

We want to thank each and every person who sent us their wonderful stories.  We had such a great time reading each entry. It truly means the world to us when we get to share in your experiences and hear what your Lauren's Hope bracelet means to you.  It was practically impossible for us to choose just 1 story among so many, but we managed to narrow it down to a 7 year old doll named Grace. 

Here is Grace's story
On January 9, 2009 our lives changed. Our 6 year old daughter, Grace, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. We spent five very long days in the hospital, learning to care for her. It was a shock to our family and to her. We left the hospital as different people, now coping with a lifelong chronic illness.

There was so much to absorb in those early days of diagnosis. I had to learn so much about insulin, carbohydrates, carb counting, dosing and syringes. It was enlightening and also scary. I knew no one who had a child this young with Type 1 diabetes. As I spoke with the doctors and nurses at the hospital, they all would mention that Grace should wear a medical alert bracelet of some kind now. Among all the things I now had to do, I added this to my list.

I went online. I would show Grace the bracelet and she would respond ‘It looks like a boy’s bracelet.” or “That’s not pretty, like a girl would wear.” She was still 6 years old. She wanted something pretty that would sparkle. As I searched, I happened onto and lo and behold, there, right there, on their webpage, they had sparkly bracelets. I scanned through to find the pinkest one I could find, ‘Carole’s Choice’ and I showed it to Grace. Her face lit up. ‘That, Mama, THAT’S a girl’s bracelet. That’s the one I want.” I ordered it right then and there, from the hospital room.

Grace is now the proud owner of three Lauren’s Hope bracelets. She wears them every day. She adores how they sparkle and look ‘girly.’ As her mother, I wanted a bracelet that was a medical ID for her and also was something that she wanted to wear. I found it at Lauren’s Hope. It gives me great pleasure to know I have found something that she willingly and proudly wears.

I have found strength from others in this last year with Type 1. Friends and support online that I would never have known have surfaced in our lives. People are good. It will all be OK. We will carry on with this chronic illness. I will raise a child with diabetes, not a diabetic child. The Lauren’s Hope bracelet reminds me that while she has Type 1, she never stops being a little girl, who wants sparkly things.

You can read more about Grace's story at her blog:

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Does Your Bracelet Have a Story To Tell?

At Lauren's Hope, we know that we make more than jewelry. We take joy in knowing that our products enhance quality of life and have even saved lives. Over the years many of our customers have written us to share stories about their bracelets and the profound impact it has had in their life. Many received the gift from someone special in their lives, or experienced first-hand how important it is to have that vital medical information with them at all times.

We would love to hear your story! Please feel free to include pictures as well.

We are looking for stories for Mother's Day and Father's Day in particular. As a parent, how has having a Lauren's Hope bracelet changed your life or the life of your child? Did you purchase a Lauren's Hope bracelet for your Mom or Dad? Tell us why they are special and how the bracelet has helped you and them. Let us know how your bracelet has helped you.

Please email your story to

Please be sure to include the following:
Your Name

Your Email address

A phone number to contact you in case we have questions

Your story

Stories received by March 15th will be entered in a drawing to receive a gift certificate valued at $80.00 for you to use or to share.

Stories will become the property of Lauren's Hope Medical ID Bracelets and may be published on our web site or used in our company press releases. Who knows... Maybe you'll be famous!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sneak Peaks of Brand New Styles

With Spring approaching the designers at Lauren's Hope have been working hard on new styles with bright, cheerful colors to help welcome the warmer weather and wardrobe changes. 
We are also creating several new options for men, including a larger more masculine medical ID tag.

Here is a sneak peak of styles we'll be introducing soon.
Avonlea ~ B121
Custom Hand-Stamped Medical ID Bracelets (coming soon!)

Here is our Large Version of the Custom Hand-Stamped Bracelets (Perfect for men)
Here is our brand new "Man Tag" (coming soon!)
We'd love to hear what you think of our newest creations.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Newly Diagnosed? Meet TuDiabetes

If you have recently been diagnosed with Diabetes you may have found yourself spending a significant amount of time researching on the internet.  If you've not yet found you really should visit their site soon.  TuDiabetes is a community of individuals who all share one thing in common, diabetes.  It's run by The Diabetes Hands Foundation which is a nonprofit organization that connects with people touched by diabetes. 

On TuDiabetes you will find loads of information for the newly diagnosed in clear and concise forum posts, blog links, articles and vlogs.  There really is something for everyone here and it can be a great tool for family members and friends to help educate themselves on diabetes.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Six Until Me's Kerri Morrone Sparling

Kerri Morrone Sparling was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 6.  She spent most of her life navigating her diabetes alone in the sense that she was the only person she knew with the disease. 

In 2005 Kerri began blogging and writing about her experiences with diabetes and hasn't stopped since. She writes a wonderfully educational diabetes blog called, Six Until Me.  She's been featured in US News and World Report and has been a guest blogger on sites such as dlife and diaTribe

You could say that in the diabetes blogging world, Kerri is a rock star.  She is a fierce diabetes advocate and writes about topics ranging from daily life and testing to medical insurance coverage regarding your diabetes. 

Whether you are newly diagnosed or wanting to connect with someone who lives life fully with diabetes, Kerri's website is the place to go. 

Monday, January 25, 2010

Valentine's Styles are Here

Dear Readers,
We have a very important message for you.  Lauren's Hope is pleased to announce that:

Click HERE to visit our website for the full line of Valentine's Day inspired bracelets and necklaces.

In the meantime, here are a sampling of the beautiful love inspired styles we have for you to choose from.  We know you'll find something you like.


Click HERE to visit our website for the full line of Valentine's Day inspired bracelets and necklaces.

Friday, January 22, 2010

CPR For Your Bracelet

With the start of a new year, now is the perfect time for you to allow us to apply some CPR (Clean, Polish, Repair) to your medical ID bracelet.

Does your bracelet look dingy?  We can polish it.  Has a wire broken?  We can repair that.  Is it time for your bracelet to be resized?  Send it in.

Visit us here for address and phone information.  If your bracelet is less than 6 months old and is in need of repairs, just mail it to us in a padded envelope and we will restore it at no cost to you.  Any repairs done after 6 months cost only $16.  That's $10 for the repair and $6 for shipping and handling.  You can mail your bracelet to us at:

Lauren's Hope
Attn: Returns
4823 NW Gateway
Riverside, MO 64150

You can reach us at: 1-800-360-8680   Don't hesitate to call if you have any questions!

We want you to wear your bracelet at all times and that means maintenance is a must, so let us work our magic on your medical jewelry.