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Let Oprah know how our bracelets have helped you!!!


1.Log onto her site www.oprah.com

2.Click on the "Be on the Show" blue box on her home page.

3.Then click on "we want your show ideas."

4.Tell her your story! It's that easy!

Who knows, maybe she will invite you to be on the show!

Dysautonomia Youth Network of America, Inc.:


The stories behind the smile:


Type 1 Tools offers a fresh approach to Type 1 diabetes education and lifestyle management.


Health Wise Tools offers a fresh approach to Type 2 diabetes education and lifestyle management.


21 Down is a Down Syndrome Awareness Group serving families, educators and healthcare professionals.


Children with Diabetes:




Jewelry5.com: The Jewelery Web Portal Directory


Susan Maria's site for living and eating well after weight loss surgery.


Visual guide for managing multiple meds:


Angel Flight Central serves people in need by arranging charitable flights for access to healh care or for other hymanitarian purposes:


Epilepsy Foundation for Eastern Pennsylvania


The Mastocytosis Society


AllergyMama! This is a great company that carries custom purses and tote bags for allergic teens and adults who need to keep their EpiPens and other medications close at hand!


My Very Necessary Medical I.D. Card


Hi I am Rudy Barroso. I am 13 years old and my sister and I have created a board game that teaches families about diabetes, and its called Future Focus. Future Focus is a fun educational tool that people can use to educate themselves and the people around them. My sister is the Juvenal diabetes research foundation youth ambassador and we both publicly speak in large conventions to help get out our game. If you would like further information on our game see our website at www.futurefocusgame.com. We were wondering if you can have a link on your website to our website if possible. Thank you, Rudy Barroso


This is a link to The Kansas City Missouri Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. This is a wonderful organization that focuses on finding a cure for Diabetes. Lauren's Hope proudly donates to the JDRF. This website is full of wonderful information and also links directly to the national web site for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.


Insulin Pump Fashions, formerly PumpPack.com, developed the PumpPal™ to offer children and adults a fun, fashionable, and secure way to wear their insulin pump.


Check out this web site developed by a 13 year old girl with Diabetes. She has a fantastic attitude and is a true inspiration!


Skidaddle is changing the look of diabetes one bag at a time! This wonderful company features fashionable bags to carry your diabetes essentials in a stylish fashion. If you get a chance, check out their site!


Family Caregivers are in Good Company is a website offering answers for people who take care of their loved ones living in a private residence.


AllergySense.com is a comprehensive resource to help guide you through the process of adjusting to life with food allergies. Some of the great resources on AllergySense.com include: Information about businesses in your area that cater to allergies, links to online shopping for everything from books and magazines to epinephrine carriers and other helpful gear, allergy-friendly tips, recipes and much more.



http://www.bariatriceating.com/ Susan Maria Leach is prominent person in the Bariatric community! It was evident by the continuous crowd that surrounded her booth at the Association of Bariatric Surgeons Conference this summer in Orlando, Florida. She has written a wonderful book that has been featured on THE TODAY SHOW and in PEOPLE MAGAZINE! Susan Maria’s website www.bariatriceating.com is a terrific source for meals, recipes, protein bars, vitamins and drinks that are essential for every bariatric patient. Check out her book: Before & After. Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery With 100 Low Carb High Protein Recipes For A Healthier, Happier & Slimmer You! All of our Bariatric customers will benefit from the information on her site.